April 03 2020 Friday at 07:21 AM

Fresh Fish

The Rich Pavel legacy for us, as we mentioned yesterday, is a two part affair. The mentoring which we spoke about, and of course, the machines; those boards he shapes. Rich may be uncle to us here at the Temple but to most who know him, or know of him, he’s the godfather of the Fish. We consider, as Rich does, Steve Lis the father of all of them. Even so, that’s some pretty esteemed position right there.

With all that, should come as no surprise to hear that amongst the ensemble of boards he shaped while in Bali, he whipped out a limited edition, numbered 1 to 10, batch of Fish. Would you call it a school?

They’re a clear resin over white foam on the bases. A solid pigment deck in 3 primary colours, resin tint inlays. Top and bottom silk screened logos, the top logo with individual numbering. The steering comes to you through Rich’s hand foiled, light brown in colour, glassed in fins. The C.Q.C. Rather than repeat, scroll down to get the gritty on them in Rich’s own words.

These boards are so sleek and simple on the outside, belying what is in fact an incredibly complex beast. Rich has literally spent years of his life tweaking the design. Salsa was one test pilot. Reluctant as he’s not much of a Fish person, though that was before meeting Rich. Back then he believed, like most, that the boards were made for small sloppy waves. The union soon had him converted. He had two made for him, the little red one, stringerless. Now he’s ridden them not only across Indonesia, he’s taken them with him down to Mexico and over to Oz.

With this much soul, sentiment and R&D poured in, it would be a little ludicrous for us to read between the lines, therefore before he left, we asked Rich who, how, when & where these latest incarnations came about. Read on…

Oh, so you know, the boards are being shared across all of our Deus locations from here in Bali, to Sydney, Venice Beach and Japan. Be sure to ask after them or next time your in, keep an eye out…


Three Boards Design: An easy to understate unquantifiable in the formula for DEUS its talent it hosts. Origin of these boards goes to "The Greenroom" lineage of generations. These particular boards design flows most recently from the likes of Greenroom Rider Ryan Burch & most signifcanly Deus team rider Jason ‘Salsa’ Salisbury's & the breaks have that have surfed and served as its testing grounds. In Indonesia spots the likes of Deserts, G-Land in OZ, WA - Gnaraloo, as well as in both Baja & Mainland Mexico. In deep respects there is a nod we wish to make to the many who (think the likes of Bunker, Kidman / Hynd) have come before for we are seeing farther for their efforts. Not enough has been said and written about Steve Lis the innovator of the fish. It is as an indirect result of Ryan Burch's efforts and travels and a direct result of "The Greenroom 2012 Australasia design Tour" coming to Bali. What better enviorns for putting the whole of the DEUS test tank and team. It is joy and pure stoke working in conjunction with the talent of Jason ‘Salsa’ Salisbury's. It is with his direct involvement we are able through the magnficant DEUS to deliver the particular stoke of this tremendous design.

______________ FISH Small boards that are excellent in large surf.

For those of you that have witnessed any True Fish Disciples it is observed that fish are more than versatile. What few are perfectly aware of is just how high functioning they can be in 2-3 times overhead larger surf. Even further unnoticed is the widespread lack of recognition just how phenomenal fish are in hollow surf. These boards by design suited for hollow large surf as well as versatile. ________________________________________________________________

-FINS- C. Q. C.

Combined with the Theory of the split - keel "Speedialer"

The C. Q. C. AKA "The Speedialer" is a "Modern Classic" fin set - up with its many applications. Tested the world over in practically every body of consistently surfed sea the split - keel "Speedailer" C. Q. C.fin set up continues to be a breakthrough design application in surfboards. There are expressions of ongoing refinement & fine tuning taking place with the C.Q.C. fin set-up as it is known since its inception. For those of you who are just now learning a bit more of the ""Speedialer" fin configuration the first and foremost four fin of its kind the Cunard Quad Cutaway. The name is derived by the features of the fin set-up itself. Those who have had the experience know it as an unmistakable one. There are many mostly unknown contributions I have enjoyed. This one fair enough shall we say is exceptional, enjoy

Sursum Corda, Rich Pavel