April 03 2020 Friday at 07:40 AM

From The Debris To The Sea

Most people don’t give two hoots for what they scoot from the backyard grass to the sea side sand on. Then again we and our mates aren’t just anyone.

Start with a new Yamaha SX225. The idea is to pull it down and put it back up again. Less being more. First of all we need to add some weight to the rather light stock front end. Little brother Bison has some shoulders that are broad and wide. Keeping the fabricators out back busy were the new seat & pan, fibreglass fenders, reverse cone exhaust, chain guard and the nip and tuck we did on the frame. We’ve developed a natty little system for getting our board racks on and off and we gave this girl the newest simplification. We should patent that idea.

Dark and mysterious or bright and shiny. We settled somewhere for a Mix n match with a splash of polished on a bed of wrinkle black. Black rims, 18 back and 19 front are dressed resplendent in Firestone 400’s. Like a dirty big cherry we dapped a sweet imported Japanese alloy tank on top. Hhmmm…

A custom order for a friend who’s now riding from sea to home in style. Break off the racks and he’s off into the Denpasar traffic. Swept along in the process now with comfort and speed. Sometimes he doesn’t stop, just passing on by. These bikes they’re dangerous, intoxicating. Next thing he’s seen heading for the hills, the ride has taken over. The bikes the ouiji board, the ride becomes a séance or meditation, cathartic to outside pressures. A release valve for the urban Bali lifestyle.