April 03 2020 Friday at 08:21 AM

God's Coffee Shop

What do you get if you add 3 teaspoons of Thai culinary delights, a cup of Indonesian cuisine, a big pinch of Californian kitchen and spice the whole thing up with herbs from Australia? Deus Café at the Canggu Temple of Enthusiasm in Bali. This audaciously named, well it does directly translate to Gods coffee shop, has it’s tentacles wrapped around three sides of the Deus showroom and gallery. More after the jump... It is more than an intrinsic thread in the Deus tapestry. It is the gastronomic glue that binds it all together, the twilight zone where the line, and conversations, blurs between motorcycles, surfboards, bicycles, Skateboards and of course the Deus ex Machina range of street wear. Age goes out of the window and everyday we see kids hanging with adults and visa versa. Malee, who designed our menu, didn’t take any short cuts. Heralding from Bangkok she took the bumpy road to give us our own authentic flavour. Disappearing into the mountains and back roads of southern Thailand. Riding a motor scooter along oft forgotten and potholed roads, she would arrive in villages; seek out the wise old women, the keepers of the local recipes’. She learnt from these amazing women the forgotten arts that are Thai traditional cooking. Chef Adi, and his ‘expert food mechanics’; assemble the dishes with a passion that is normally reserved for family and loved ones. All our ingredients are not only the best they are fresh sourced daily from the local markets and our own gardens. Dining is at your choice of oversize solid teak tables, a sofa corner or my personal favorite, the sit up bar. The atmosphere is not only accessorized, it's artistic, with Robert Moore, Andrew Wellman & Dustin Humphrey’s artworks tipping their hat to the purveyors of the motorcycle and surfing fraternities. Caffeine is the perfect human fuel for the daylight hours. Towards sunset we change our blend of oils, the music kicks up a gear and the blender whirs to life. A heady mix of exotic fruits and alcohols that are able to turn your frown upside down. If that’s not your lubricant we have a large selection of wines as well as Heiniken on tap and Bintang in a bottle. While we don’t deliver our multifaceted menu you are able to come and collect. Our kitchen is open from 8am for breakfast and they turn off the grill at 10pm at night.For reservations and Takeaway 0361 368 3395