April 03 2020 Friday at 08:02 AM

Golden Year Variety

When you look at the wide variety of genres in motorcycle sport today, its easy to get lost in the crowds, overly colorful sponsorship logos and the ever enticing TV commercials. It hasn't always been like that though, in a time not too long ago things were a little more simple and a lot more focused on the daring characters and their various steeds. After some of the usual digging and sorting through the tubes that connect the internet together I have come across, acquired and organized a wide variety of imagery from the 'golden years' of motorcycle activity. Ranging from the late 30's to the 1970's these images show a wide range of vehicular niches along with the men that perpetuated them. From intercontinental flat track racing to single line speed records, the men and women in these photos were part of a culture that traveled the world attending events, rebuilding bikes on the sidelines and mingling with other engine-inclined people. Have a gander through this rather long but worthwhile collection of photos from a simpler time. Looking back at the faces of people amidst their passion reminds me why I love this culture and sport as much as I do.