April 03 2020 Friday at 09:21 AM

Hell On Wheels - Halloween Hillclimb

Meatball of Hell on Wheels fame has been propelling his particular brand of super-friendly hooliganism through the motorcycling cosmos via a series of incredibly fun events, the latest installment being the Halloween Hillclimb in Glen Helen, CA. The usual suspects all made their appearances. The Dangers of Orange Country put their manliness to the test showing up dressed as the New York Dolls, Jamie from RideApart arrived sporting proper British dentistry, and Butch Cassidy came around with his buddy the Sundance Kid to give the old hill a try. The hill at first seemed more like a mountain, with very few cresting the summit. Some early contestants equated the experience to climbing Mount Everest in a pair of house slippers. But, as is always the case with Hell on Wheels events, as the day wore and the courage mustered itself, those house slippers turned themselves into a pair of rugged old sneakers, giving the riders that smidgeon of edge needed to summit Everest. Thank you, Meatball. We're keeping our fingers crossed for an alignment of the planets, a.k.a. the Hell on Wheels Triple Crown. Also, a shout out to G.T. for keeping the numbers and Alessandra for dropping the flag.