April 03 2020 Friday at 11:41 AM


The opening night of Anthony Dodds’ first solo show, H O I P O L L O I, went off like a firecracker on Chinese New Year. It was nuts! The turnout on Friday night may well have been the biggest ever for the Deus Gallery. And why shouldn’t it have? The show is a celebration of the diverse and eclectic Canggu community. A reflection of the people that surround us… a gathering of the souls we live with.

In the making for the last 5 months, Anthony worked closely with creative director Omee Moon to create his exhibition of portraits, and collaborated with four jewellery designers on the island. Tiger Frame, Parts of 4, Just For The Money and Johnny Ramli all kindly donated some of their pieces for the portrait subjects to wear. Now, H O I P O L L O I brings together the many ages, ethnicities, nationalities and religions that are all prevalent ‘round these beautiful rice paddies.

It wasn’t long after the free flow booze finished that the same Homo sapiens that were hanging from the walls started dancing ‘round the Temple. And they weren’t alone… it was a crazy, happy and diverse crowd. If you haven’t yet made one of these openings, make sure you accept our next invitation and come along for the party.

Congratulations to Anthony Dodds, who we affectionately call Grasshopper, on his stand-out exhibition. It’ll be staying on the gallery walls at Deus for the next 4 weeks, so if you haven't already, come check it out next time you're passing by.