April 03 2020 Friday at 11:40 AM

In Dust We Trust.

Long time friends of Deus, the Jerkyls, known for their circle antics, put together somewhat of an event inviting man and machine to come together on a beautifully blue Sunday for a Slide. Located two hours north of the big smoke and hidden behind a long dirt road, Barleigh Ranch was where the action unfolded. As we arrived upon the faithful grounds of the Barleigh Ranch, still getting the sleep out of our eyes, we gazed upon a crowd of faithfuls gathered around the watchtower that over looks the dust oval cluttered with ageing tractors. Priest A.Baker walked up the rusty stairs, loud speaker in hand, and began by laying out the ground rules, explaining the flags and finishing with this prayer to gods of dirt in order to bless the day. “Our Father who art Mert Lawwill, Or Gene Romero be thy name, Thy Kingchrome come, Thy top-end rebuild done, On earth as it is in Heaven, Give us this day one lap ahead, And forgive our bad passes, As we forgive those who bad pass against us, And lead us not into temptation, Deliver us from moderns, For thine is the 2 stroke, The power-band and the oily, Four strokes for never and never Dick’Bugsy’man,” “Can I get a f**k yeah?” The disciples replied "f**k yeah!!!". The crowd around the watchtower vanished and once the dust settled, two and four strokes alike were kicked to life. That dust would not settle for another six hours. Sunday Slide truly is a Sunday church, where young and old come to get baptized in dirt and oil. It doesn't matter what you take out on the dirt as long as you get it dirty with a smile on your dial. This is visual representation of the day. Many thanks to the Jerkyls for bring us together on what turned out to be an incredible day off sliding left, highs and lows and glorious ring-a-ding-dinging. Amen to that and in dust we trust! Make sure to keep with the Jerkyls via their Facebook page.