April 03 2020 Friday at 09:20 AM

In The Bay

Byron Bay is Australia’s most easterly point, it has a nice lighthouse… and all that. We never question an excuse to make it down this way. The beaches are dreamy, the water so clear and the waves so fun. When we heard that Deus Indonesia boss, Dustin Humphrey and Thomas Walk were going to be hanging for a week in the lead up to Deus Byron’s official opening party, Hindsight and Forward. Matt Cuddihy and I needed little convincing. D-hump and Thomas selected Sydney as their official starting point. Making their way on motorbikes, they wove their way through the inland roads of New South Whales. They admired sights and burnt ‘round bends. Matt and I left from the only starting point possible (home) and were forced to battle the strong south-easterly, which had been an accommodating friend to Dhump and Thomas. We came from the north along an all too familiar highway, riding directly into a very fresh headwind. Our long skinny necks grew new muscles as each gust threatened to lift the helmets off our heads. First stop on the road into town was ol’ Bobby Mac’s place. The Mctavish factory stop-off has been a must since I’d come here on family holidays as a child. This time we weren’t stopping just for a yarn… there was a package of Pavel's awaiting our arrival. Five new boards for the family, shipped from the Temple with thirty layers of bubble wrap. Knowing that the gale we’d waged war against all morning had whipped up some peelers, we kept our rendezvous with Bob and the Ben's short. As soon as the boards were strapped on the surf racks, we made our way to the beach. (Imagine dreamy clear water, sunshine, dolphins, perfect waves and nose rides etc, etc). With that thirst well and truly quenched, we made our way back to ol’ Bobby Mac’s for our yarn. Bob had just spent a few days in the new shaping bay down at the House of Simple Pleasures and surprised me with the news that one of the boards he’d shaped was for me. The hand shaped masterpiece was on a rack awaiting resin and fiberglass. He schooled us on the board’s contemporary design, describing in detail ‘’just what the hell was going on’’. I was baffled. Just as his laminator, Bill, was mixing the decided colours, Bobby decided it would be a good idea to get my Deus trunks dirty and passed me a squeegee. Had Bill not have been there to help me out, I would have ruined Bob’s creation with a terrible glass job. Bill and Bob are a pretty good team. On the afternoon cruise back into town we noticed the ‘Welcome to Byron’ sign had some graffiti attached. It read: “Cheer up. Slow down. Chill out.” …suits us just fine.