April 03 2020 Friday at 08:03 AM

Jai Lee and Thomas Bexon shape up a Deus Customs Noserider

Just a few weeks ago, Jai Lee and Thomas Bexon were taking shelter in the Deus Customs shaping bay, working on something a little different.
Jai had come up with a design idea for a nose rider with a bit of his own 'steeze' in the tail...and turned to Thomas Bexon to carry out the duty of steadily removing foam from a large blank to uncover its shape.
The pair spent the entire time it took to shape inside the foam covered room, with a steady supply of Bintang buckets to lubricate the process. people came and went, offering advice from the sidelines and observing the process as the shape emerged. After it was said and done, the sled was glassed and a quick trip up the coast made for quite an idyllic R&D session with friends and swell. The first of the batch hit the showroom floor, its a 9'4 with a subtle tint job…come run a hand down it.