April 03 2020 Friday at 09:02 AM

Jam session under a thatched roof

I gotta be honest, when we were building the Temple of Enthusiasm we never intended it to be a live music venue. Something must be working in our favor though because last night another spontaneous session came together at the Deus Cafe.Friend and all around Diva, Ozlem Esen, hit us up yesterday morning and asked if we wanted to host a cozy/casual DJ set at the Temple last night, as if we would decline. Although the records never ended up spinning, a show still came together under our thatched roof. Max Blues and Ozlem were tag teaming the mic when special guests Brad Heald (Bassist) and Hamish Rosser (Drummer) from The Vines jumped in and then the party really started. We even had a hot blonde from the crowd come up and show us what she's got on the drums and i dare say she killed it! Fun Fun Deus Stylee!