April 03 2020 Friday at 03:00 PM

Kami pulang ke Bandung.

Motorcycles of all shapes and sizes filled the carpark, customs, vintage, V twins and of course the ubiquitous scooters. People young and old came in their droves. Family outings or a ride with your mates. After work or as a Saturday’s distraction. Locals and people up from Jakarta for the weekend. They all popped in to say hello and to see what all the excitement was about. For quite a while we have been eyeing opportunities to open a proper Deus Store in Java and finally, we got all of our ducks in a row with a fascinating opportunity in Bandung. An old complex of long redbrick and metal roofed buildings, they once housed a hoard of the army’s ammunition now they had been repurposed, for the most part, into smaller internal spaces that housed start-ups for fashion and technology, coffee shops, a Korean BBQ and a co-working space. All except Blok F which is split in the middle of its seventy odd metre length, the furthest blok from the entrance now houses a 300 sqm Deus Ex Machina Retail space complete with an area for a motorcycle workshop, an art gallery, a coffee shop and of course all of our fare. Single-speed bicycles, custom motorcycles, and surfboards and our ranges of clothing and accessories. We’d worked bloody hard to get it to the point of opening, overcome a few hurdles and the odd diplomatic incident, just kidding, so we thought that a party was in order. We asked a radio announcer friend of ours, Bella CPM to come and play master of ceremonies. Decky Sastra was the artist for the inaugural art show in our little gallery, and he was there to live paint a helmet and a skateboard to add to the pile of giveaways we were going to shower on those who graced us with their presence. For entertainment across the day, we dug deep into the local scene to pick the elite from three very different, but relevant to us, musical genres. Attir, the Vocalist from Speaker First with his local band and finished off the day as they were our headliner. Loner Lunar filled the middle bit perfectly with haunting lyrics and their musically spun web of entrancing music and opening the day on the stage we had Not Yet who bashed out an amazing set with ample amounts of irreverence and loud guitars. Big shout to our DJ E-One who played a picture-perfect set from go to woe. In fact, a big thanks to you all. You were amazing and it wouldn’t have been anything without you. If you are reading this outside Indonesia you might be saying well, why Bandung. To put things in a little perspective for you, Java the bent cigar-shaped island in the middle of the Indonesian archipelago is home to over half of Indonesia’s whopping 275 million population. And Bandung is only a couple of hours drive from the ten million plus metropolis that is Jakarta. It’s also the third-largest city in the country, home to the massive Indonesian fashion manufacturing industry, and the bit that most appealed to us, Bandung is home to over twenty universities. Bandung is now also home to our second largest store in Indonesia. If you’re in town we hope you pop in and say ‘Apa kabar?’ Photos by Ardie Pichaus