August 26 2020 Wednesday at 07:08 AM

Kawasaki H1 Mach 3

Now gracing the plinth at the Emporium of Postmodern Activities: one of the true beasts in the world of motorcycling —affectionately called the triple with the ripple — the Kawasaki H1 Mach 3. At the time of its release this air-cooled, three-cylinder two-stroke was the fastest accelerating production motorcycle ever made. Clocking sub-13-second quarter-mile times, the H1 was a dangerous contender on the drag strip and even more of a menace on the streets, with its power-to-weight ratio causing serious mayhem upon its riders and its unmistakable exhaust note creating serious discomfort among the general public. Come to Venice and snag this behemoth before you end up on the wrong side of history.