April 03 2020 Friday at 09:20 AM

Keeps on keeping on

About a year ago we unveiled The Shank, a square shouldered ride with oodles of front and a fair old bit of grunt built on one of the more available options we have at the ready in the land of the flying scooter, the SX225.

What a different a year makes. Today we've a raft of new manufacturing techniques, leant skills and fresh talents that are coming to the forefront, Mustang thought it about time his lads did another one. We thought it a perfect opportunity to do a little then and now. One of those little golden opportunities to gauge that road we're traveling down.

If you could stand back and compare them side by side, the overall shapes pretty much of a muchness. But that is where the similarities end, right at the cut and welded. The motor on this one has had a lot of tinkering, pouring a complete rebore kit into it to make it a fair bit hyper. The new alloy tank and fender Bagio has beaten out for it, fits like a treat. Slung in under is one of our coned stainless exhausts making sure your heard a coming. And to soften the blacks and silvers of the overall design is a sensual hand made tan leather seat. Cherry on the top is a pair of similar coloured gum grips.

We think the lads have punched out another perfect little island hopper. Don't let us dictate though, let us know what you think?