April 03 2020 Friday at 09:21 AM


Four-hundred and fifty-two hours is how long Google Maps said it was going to take us to walk the 1,393 miles to The One Motorcycle Show in Austin, Texas. We didn’t have that sort of time, or the right shoes, so we drove the “Doose Goose” instead, loaded with a couple bikes for the show. A German 1000cc beast of complicated simplicity from the hands of Woolie, and a speed demon named SPIKE, crafted from the fingers of the one and only Shinya Kimura. We also brought the shop “grocery getter” to add some two wheeled miles and adventures to the trip. Arriving safely and a bit early to Austin, the Revival Cycles crew greeted us with open arms as the bikes were deposited into their beautiful and surgically-clean workshop along-side their recent Guzzi builds for safekeeping before the show. The mood lighting on the bikes was awe-arousing as we all took a few moments to carefully consider the stable of machines. A good shop needs good lighting and these guys have it, along with a healthy collection of bikes on tap. The first night ending on Moto Guzzi’s, in search of Austin’s finest Tex-Mex, we couldn’t have had a better introduction. Hosted by Austin locals Revival Cycles, and See See Motorcycles of Portland, OR, The One Show was a grand success as a showcase next to Austin’s first Moto GP. They came. They saw. They liked it. The Deus BMW R100S out of Woolie’s Workshop and fifty or so other unique and beautiful motorcycles were ogled over, gawked at, and drooled on. Austin was the perfect host for the event as a cultural oasis in the middle of the biggest state in the lower 48. We were able to meet up with and share the city with new and old friends. Two being Caleb Owen Everitt and Ryan Rhodes of LAND, a creative studio and workshop in Austin. LAND have done some amazing art for many great companies including some of Deus’s finest logos and art. To cherry the top of an eventful weekend, we were fortunate enough to attend the Austin Moto GP event at the Circuit of the Americas. Machines tuned and ridden to the absolute extreme, winding through the chicanes, dipping into hair pins, and dashing down the straight aways. Fueled by engine rev’s and Red Bull, the energy in the air was intoxicating. A true experience for any motorcycle enthusiasts. Huge thanks to Alan Stulberg and the team at Revival as well as See See for all their hard work to make the show come together like it did. It was definitely worth the drive. Would have even been worth the walk.