April 03 2020 Friday at 01:01 PM

L'Eroica - The Thrill Of Conquest

Rediscover the beauty of fatigue and the thrill of conquest –Giancarlo Brocci, founder of L'Eroica Deus America sent one of it's own on a journey back in time to join the Deus Milano Cycleworks team at L'Eroica, a Tour De Force of food, wine, and speed, pushing steel-framed bicycles thru the rolling hills of Gaiole In Chianti, the nobel wine country of Tuscany, Italy. Nevin has an appreciation for old-fashioned thingamajigs and whatchamacallits and luckily a pair of somewhat functional legs, which made him a perfect candidate for this tempestuous expedition, or at least be a good sport about it. Wool-clad and with valiant spirits, they rode as Knights of The Round Table storming the enemy's castle, but instead of donning swords and armor, they had bananas and yummy treats stuffed into the back pockets of their Deus x De Marchi jerseys. And instead of fighting and cursing the day, they cheers'd with wine and laughed and danced. They rode the wheels off rickety old Italian Bicycles (and one French Peugeot) with ornate lugs and beautifully crusty paint. On the brink of collapse and with dignified exhaustion, they dug deep and made each mountain pass their bitch and held fast down the sphincter-tightening and bone-shaking descents. A glorious picture of the romance of man and machine, the blood, sweat, and guts that make it all worthy of a life well lived. With hearts and bellies full of merriment and valor, together they rediscovered the beauty of fatigue and the thrill of conquest. Nevin shot a few rolls of Black and White Ilford FP4 125 thru his trusty old Olympus XA on the ride. Join us in Paso Robles for L'Eroica California in April 2017!