April 03 2020 Friday at 11:02 AM


Contrary to popular belief, the North Shore of Oahu isn’t all about ball busting barrels. Sure, the huge surf rules the roost but the swell rich coastline has its poorer moments. Pipeline isn’t always the spectacle you see on your Instagram feed. It gets flat just like anywhere else. So what do you do when the Pipeline is taking a nap?

To be honest, it doesn’t ever sleep for long in winter and when it does I’ve usually just been happy just to rest. I won’t be able to give you the detailed North Shore tourist book but I can highlight two of my favourite down-day activities.

For starters, when checking the infamous left you might try looking to the right. Ehukai beach-park is Pipe’s little neighbor and the most fun place on the North Shore. There are more smiles in the water at Ehukai then anywhere else. Along with perfect little waves, kids on boogie boards, girls on longboards and professional’s on soft tops, Ehukai makes for an epic down-day surf. When people say it’s flat on the North Shore what they really mean is that it’s not huge. I’m often confused about the matter.

If a shoulder-high peeler really isn’t your thing, you can always find a few stones lying close to the shore at Waimea Bay. You might even see another ‘big wave Dave’ while you’re running underwater. The bay is beautiful and always attracts an array of tourists with people watching value. If you like sitting back and watching the circus, look no further. At the far end of the beach there’s a fun rock to jump off. Just make sure the tide is high enough. Breaking your neck is not cool, particularly on small days.

The North Shore isn’t always just for members of the hell-man club. There’s room for fun whether it’s 2 foot or 45 foot.

Hawaii 5’o man, the dream lives on for pros and kooks alike.

Sincerely yours,

Harrison Roach