April 03 2020 Friday at 06:41 AM

Men At Work

At the Temples rear, behind carved wood doors, there is a place of craft, a place of work...We call it the Bengkel. It draws the attention of passers by, who stare wide eyed at the processes taken within its four walls. Our workshop is one of our vital organs, and keeping it alive and kicking is a team of men...Men at work.
The work carried out on the bikes we design and produce is largely completed in-house. Stripping frames, fabricating tanks, rebuilding engines and building exhausts...If we can do it ourselves, its done back there.
The bengkel boys work like a well oiled machine, and under the watchful eye of General Mustang, they've been putting out a number of pretty sleek looking vehicles.
If you're ever in the temple, be sure to swing by and pay them a visit, these are the guys that keep us running!