April 03 2020 Friday at 09:03 AM

Milano Walkthrough

Its becoming part of Deus tradition that when a new flagship store opens we shoot an walkthrough insight into the new space for our intercontinental friends who can't be there to smell the salami. The most recent addition to the global fraternity is located in Milan - the Portal of Possibilities. The good people of Deus Milan have created a true masterpiece, encapsulating our lifestyle and hardwares therewith. A collision of open spaces, high ceilings and beautifully thought out industrial interiors Deus Milan is a place we look forward to hanging out in for an extended period.
The video gives you a great perspective on the space but most importantly profiles the personalities that man the portal and keep it humming true. The crowning glory of Milan however is the newest Deus Cafe. We have built a reputation for fine quality cafes attached to our flagships but the lads over in Italy have shifted it up a notch, the restaurant and bar are packed every night of the week drawing gear-heads and connoisseurs to the motorcycle centric Isola district of Milano.
Get ready to be fully immersed in Deus Milano after the jump.