April 03 2020 Friday at 09:02 AM

Movie Night at The Temple

This coming Thursday evening at 7pm we are tying a sheet to the back wall of the Temple, cranking up the gas light projector, and weather permitting we will be out on the lawn watching a sneak preview of the up coming Oney Anwar flick.To give you a little, non scene spoiling background, Oney Anwar grew up in Lakey Peak, the older guard might remember him as that kid who fetched their boards and brought out the makan. As is often the case he found his way into the line up and into the news. But he was different. This kid really could ‘really’ surf, a natural and soon he was winning contests, moving to and living in Bali and surfing for Rip Curl. People touted him as “Indonesia’s next big surfer. And then he was gone. As quickly as he appeared he disappeared.Nothing was heard from him for the past 3 years. Then a couple of weeks ago, August 24th to be exact, Oney reappeared. This time he was in the winners circle taking the 2010 Dripping Wet Pro at Palm Beach, Australia. And rekindling that mantle as Indonesia’s next big surfing chance. This time by becoming the first Indonesian ever to win an ASP event. Delving deeper we found that Oney’s been in Oz on the Gold Coast for the past three years, he’s learnt to speak the local dialect of English, ‘Strine’, he’s also learnt to surf the gold coasts crowded beachies, and he’s learnt to blend in with the locals, sometimes known as bogans. We will be screening the first part of Oney’s story and take it from me, it’s rich material. Also on the bill is a showing of Taylor Steele's movie, Castles in the Sky, the sequel to Sipping Jetstreams. Cast your mind back a couple of years ago and two visionaries, Taylor Steele and our very own D. Hump created a new genre of surf movie. They looked at how the availability of traveling to exotic lands can enhance the experience of riding waves. Fast forward to Castles In The Sky, and again Taylor Steele takes us to a slew of new coastlines with surfing giving way to the cultural stew that is global exploration. So label your calendar, tell the other half get the sitter organized now as you do not want to miss the first of what we hope are many film nights down on the back wall of the Temple. See ya there.