April 03 2020 Friday at 07:02 AM

Mustang and the General's 350 Dream

Let me set this post up by stating that Mustang, the head of the workshop, may have a little problem when it comes to the buying and collecting of motorcycles. It seems that every week, some rare and bizarre two wheeled vehicle is sitting outside the bengkel, just drawing attention...and mustang is more than happy to give any passers its story.
This 1966, 350cc Honda Dream is one of the many bikes that spends time sunbathing in our courtyard.
After finding the bike on the side of the road in Java, Mustang bought it and drove it back to Bali. Once back home, he realized he couldn't change the license plates without the original paperwork...which was in Malang, Java.
So the bike was ridden back along its prior route in a 12 hour, uninterrupted stint. Once the original paperwork had been tracked down, it showed that the original owner of the bike was an Army General...and after a bit more digging it showed that this edition was manufactured solely for the military. The single seat and beefed up suspension set this model apart on the street, though any 350 Dream's are hard to come by in these parts.
So after driving it back from Java for the second time, Mustang brought it to the the Deus Temple, and now it sits proudly on our showroom floor. He says its for sale, but wont give me a price...so if you want it, you'll have to hash it out with the big man himself!