April 03 2020 Friday at 08:20 AM

New Lunch Menu serving the hungry

Other than rolling up some fine stacks of sushi, since Tyler came back to town he's also re-vamped our Lunch Menu. Tasty morsels have been flowing out the kitchen all week, and the smell coming off the veranda at the moment always seems to remind me when it's time for a feed. Here's a few words from the man himself about whats now on offer...
"Hey everybody out there in paradise...when you gots the chance come in and check out the new killer lunch grinds being sliced 'n' diced in the kitchen. If your fiending for a veg'ed out sandwich with hit of fresh goat cheese then "The Weed Eater" is the call…(also available as a salad if you please).
The "Sid Fishious" is the bomb…. Fresh tuna, salt and pep, seared then stuffed into a toasted baguette with Teriaki Wasabi cole slaw."
"Still haven't made your mouth water? Then how does our "Thai beef Basil Grinder" sound?...Tender beef sautéed to perfection with our home grown Thai Basil and Thai Chili. If your in need a good feed after a long sesh on the break then the "The Daze of Glory Chicken Tandoori" is awaitin'...grilled chicken breast marinated in our home made Tandoori sause on a toasted baguette with a yogurt sause, damn that be good livin'...All sandwiches are avaliable with either crispy potato wedges or a fresh fruit salad...EAT ME!......Mars out!
So, the menu is out, the kitchen is pumpin' and I'm still thinking about that Sid Fishous with wedges from lunch.
Swing by tommorow for some late eats, then stay for some beers and good times that'll come with Made J's last performance before he ships to ol' Blighty!