April 03 2020 Friday at 06:41 AM

On Any Sunday

To all those on the bloggersphere, I apologize for the low number of posts as of late. the past couple of weeks, we have been focusing the majority of our efforts and attention into opening our new shop in Oberoi, The Deus - 'Warung of Simple Pleasures'.Yesterday, after many a busy day and long night, we opened our doors to the waiting public….and celebrated the occasion with an all day gathering on location, where every and anybody was welcome. (More after the jump)
The Warung saw its fair share of visitors, each taking the time to check out the varying features of the place, from the Andrew Wellman art installation (a grand scale portrait of his 1980 Honda GL) to the red brick wall of imagery depicting a visual slice of the Deus journey in Bali, paying homage to the likes of the China Club in Hong Kong. Surfboards of all sizes sat in their ironwood podium as the reflections of curious viewers danced in the polished concrete pillars. A eclectic selection of tasty morsels were on offer and eaten along with the coffee's, both hot and cold keeping the masses alive and kicking'.
Over 150 fixed gear riders found there way to the down to the Warung from their morning ride in Renon. All the crews (Fixed Drunk, Bali Fixi Comm, Velocita Freedom Riders and The Fixie Basterds) were intermingling and showing off some skills. 30 or so of the riders took part in a trick competition, with the winners walking away with some bicycle related goodies and some home made trophies by our one and only Big Willie after it was all said and done, we headed back to the ricefields and on to a Sunset Session at the Temple. First up to woo the crowd was 'The Dusty Duets' a husband and wife combo that brought a bit of country n western music to our back yard. Next was the one and only Özlem & Andy, breaking it down as they always do, getting people on their feet and doing it well. Then The Barmuda Tryangles donned the stage, kitted out in Mexican wrestling masks and Kimonos, laid down a couple of tracks…and before you know it, were sporting only Speedos with their masks. I certainly wasn't expecting it...but I must say i was rather impressed. The night went on, with people dancing and fire blowing alike. A great day and a Grand opening. Thanks to all who made it so!