April 03 2020 Friday at 09:21 AM

The One Motorcycle Show - Portland

In case you didn’t hear, there was a not-so-little motorcycle show up in Portland over the weekend and we went. Here’s how the dang thing unraveled: A few custom bikes were tucked into the van including The Sevenish out of our own Woolie’s Workshop, a bike by Roland Sands, and a shiny Norton from Kim Boyle Customs. Creeping carefully north, the three bikes were deposited safely at Sandbox Studios in the heart of Portland to start a weekend to end all weekends. Folks flocked from all corners of the earth to touch, taste, and see all the wonderfulness The One Motorcycle Show had on bottomless tap. Michael Woolaway was out in good form to unveil his latest piece of rolling hottness dubbed The Sevenish, which turned heads and was welcomed with open arms. To state the proportions of the affair, we’ll just say this: It was three super okay days of rambunctious frothing and droolage over some of the world’s most flavorful two-wheeled madness. Thanks to Thor Drake and the rest of the team at See See Motorcycles for all the hard work that made this weekend what it was. Years from now, we’ll be telling stories about that one motorcycle show back in early 2013. “Which one?” someone will ask. “THE ONE. The one that was kinda sorta epic.” That’s what we’ll tell ‘em.