April 03 2020 Friday at 12:02 PM

Mopar me!

Our new track car has rumbled into life. Its owner and builder - Matt Hart grew up with Mopar music ringing in his ears but graduated from his pushrod youth and went on to build some very tasty Porsche lüftgekuhlt runners over the last few years, his Martini striped SC an example of a really well executed retro mod. However the siren song of a V-angled donk drew him back to the bent eighters club and this Cuda proves those Mopar tattoos don't rub off. His latest creation is this mighty series one 66 Plymouth Barracuda with 480hp 273 on a 4 speed. Its been built for racing but wears street boots (semi slicks) so no doubt he'll be setting off car alarms through the week in Camperdown and collecting trophies in the Historics on the weekends. We'll keep the updates coming check out the video here to hear it purr. Shop the Barracuda Tee here