April 03 2020 Friday at 08:20 AM

Paths of pain to Jewels of Glory revisited

As readers of the Deus Bali Blog will have noticed, we just love to tell people what we’re up to and with at least an event a week it’s become quite a common practice for us. No we aren’t showing off, we want you to join with us in the good times!But why then am I writing about our Fixed Geared Bicycle event in February, “Paths of Pain to Roads of Glory”, again? Well I’m thinking now that in my over excited state I may not have put enough of an emphasis in my first post and that perhaps I owed you all a better explanation of what it’s all about. (more after the jump) While Bali is a world away from metropolises like New York and San Francisco we still love a fun ride on a fixed gear. Being a city centric activity we thought we would invite people out and give them taste of what we are spoilt with. Bali definitely offers a unique backdrop and Canggu, where the Deus Temple of Enthusiasm is located has something the city slickers wouldn’t be use to. It’s the perfect arms length, or short bike ride from Kuta and Renon Denpasar both of which are where we are hosting some of the event rides. What I find very cool with events like this is that there are riders coming from all over Java, Singapore, America, Italy and Australia. The whole family here is super excited about this. The agenda is firming up, rides are being mapped out, GPS coordinates locked down, T’s printed and of course a few Brewskies have been ordered to lubricate the entire shebang.To give you a quick overview things kick off from 1pm on Friday the 11th Feb with locals and visitors driving, riding & flying in to the Temple to do a spot of assembly work. The Pub Path will lead us into the Balcony in Kuta and after a couple of cleansing ales we will jump back into the saddle and head over to the new and very chic Potato Head in Petitenget to wet the whistle before heading the handle bars home. Saturday starts early with a ride through the ricefields. The Groms under the charge of the Bali Stig have been hard at it, riding up and down Jalan’s and Gang’s mapping, what we think is, some totally awesome routes. Challenging roads & beautiful scenery scented with a grass roots exposure to Balinese culture. Mystical. Riders end up back to Canggu for a hearty breakfast and some downtime in the heat of the day. I’ll probably go for a surf, a note for those interested in joining me. Once the heat has fallen out of the day we want people to congregate for the draw card. The Courier Race. We expect a neck on neck finish outside the Temple around dusk where we intend to eat drink and make merry. A flick of the switch will flood light the car park for crew to put it all on display for a verandah of onlookers. We are going to smother the whole thing with slick beats, tasty morsels and very cold beers, Yeeewwww! Sunday has a mixed starting time from 6-10 as we will be in Renon where the roads are closed. When they open them up we will head through the city back out to Canggu. The scenery will morph from built to stilt in a little over an hour putting an end to what we think will be the perfect weekend. So you into it? You don’t have to be a pro, I know I’m not. But I do like to ride and hang with good people. If you are a pro, well that's great to, some others and I might learn something or failing that be totally blown away. The Website will be going live next week, in the mean time if you have queries needs or questions please email Nona; nona@deus.co.id