April 03 2020 Friday at 10:03 AM

Permanent Vacation

We hade an epic time in the Deus Gallery last night with the opening of Ryan Ady Putra show ‘Permanent Vacation’

A bit about the artist who provided us with amazing visuals-

Staying in the south area of Yogyakarta, Ryan Ady Putra is now completing his studies at the Institute Art of Indonesia. The man who was born in Jakarta in 1990 is a young artist who is currently busy pursuing his career in the local art scene as well as internationally.

His interest in drawing is growing since he lived at Magelang, the city in the north area of Yogyakarta. At that time, he began to know about skateboard scene and music, specially punk. And in that time also, he began to know the act of “Do It Yourself”. Starting from Mural, Graffity and Silkscreen Print, his interest in art is getting closer. He’s getting more interested in skateboard graphics and any graphics that is related to it, familiar icons like Bones Brigade, Power Peralta, or even a photographs or graphics that he saw on the magazines are make him more interested in that world.

His interest is continue until he decided to study at the Insitute Art of Indonesia. Once he moved to Yogyakarta, he became familiar with a wide variety of art flow tau forms of art that make him growing insight. Environmental factors and a few friends of senior artists are also encouraged him to explore his work further. He poured a lot of his work in the form of drawing, sometimes he pour it in other media such as canvas and printscreen. Early in his international career started when he was invited by his friend to be one of the participants in a Zine and an exhibition entitled “Can’t Grow Up”, in which he became increasingly excited as can be involved in a project with several artists of his idol Michael Sieben, Wes Humpston, Jimbo Phillips and Dennis McNett.

In his daily life, while he’s busy to finish his study, he also busy involved in work on the illustrations for several clothing brands such as Volcom, Affends, etc. His work represents a lot about how the lives of young people today. He tends to reveal about the things that are considered "common" at that time and also recounted the usual things that might be considered by some people or likely a public secret into his work. That phenomenon becomes his interested in his art, a visual art that likely to be funny or satirical in most of his artwork. It looks like his artwork is a joke but we can think back to just reflect the reality that is really happening.