April 03 2020 Friday at 01:40 PM

Pocket Full of Garden - Forrest Minchinton

Here's a little insight from Director of Deus Indonesia, Dustin Humphrey about the idea behind this bike. "I made this one for Forrest, He is the true Moto guy in the crew. This bike was made to get dirty. We kept it very functional with the black DT plastics, Renthal 997 bars and a 90's style Moto seat. I wanted Forrest to be able to do his thing and ride it in some rough stuff and he did. Still quite a lot of custom bits on there though, most impressive of the lot has to be the raw alloy tank and custom built dual headlights. I liked this one so much, that after the trip and when Forrest had gone back to Cali, I kept the bike for myself!" Before Forrest jumped on the plane back home to California, we asked him for his thoughts,. How long have you been riding a motorcycle? I first swung my leg over a bike at age 7 in the hills of Beaumont, CA and I was so scared that I only rode around in 20 ft circles. A few years later I was hooked riding, racing and everything moto was all I could think about. What does motorcycling mean to you? Motorcycling to me is about freedom. It’s a way to get to work, a way to get away from work, a way to get away from it all and leave it in the dust behind. That’s what it means to me. What bike did you ride on the trip? I rode a custom KLX 250 with the big silver tank, built by the boys at the Deus Temple. My bike was the best bike, the best looking, the best riding and the fastest. Was it because it was mine? Yes. But also, because the dudes behind the build know what I like! love you guys. ;) Thoughts? Would you add or remove / improve anything? I honestly really enjoyed how my bike turned out, the style, fit and finish. It really came together nice. In the end, I think I would add a tooth or two to the rear sprocket just to help with third gear wheelies that’s about it. I think I would wheelie from one end of the island to the other if I could. It’s just so much fun. How was it living on the bike for 8 days? When you have a bike, like that, in Indonesia, of all places, you might as well be driving a Lambo down the Las Vegas strip! it’s just that good... The traffic, the exhaust fumes, the heat, that all gets to you at times, but once your back on the open road twisting and turning up the side of a volcano, ending up on an epic single track through the fog, it’s all good again. You can't beat it. You lose track of time, lose track of days, hell sometimes you just lose the track! You end up ass over tea kettle, sliding down a mud toboggan into an ”ankle deep" water crossing that ends up being up to your nipples. Then at the end of the day everyone stands around the campfire talking stories, sinking beers and it’s exactly where you want to be. You're living. Is this the longest trip you have done on a motorcycle? This isn’t the longest trip I've done on a motorcycle, but it was quite possibly the best. The crew, the bikes and the location were all time. It was the most eclectic mix of terrain I’ve ever done in one trip that’s for sure. From volcanos, to pine tree single tracks, we had waterfalls, river crossings, full on hard enduro course, we gave it all a go. What was your most memorable part of the trip? I think the most memorable part of trip was when I crashed, memorable partly because I'm still picking asphalt out of my knee and shin, but also because it was one of those “You know you fucked up slo-motion moments" where I tucked the front end on some mossy pavement, face planted and then heard all the boys try to avoid my yard sale of bike and body, only to hit the same mossy bit and come sliding down the hill past me. I of course jumped up worried sick! ...about my bike! luckily only put a few scratches on it. If you could do any part different, what would it be? If I were to do any part different I think it would be to spend some more time riding the single track of the woods. I would have loved to go explore deep in that single track and set up camp there. Pick another person from the trip and give us a little insight on them. Anything impressive / disappointing? Cal... I fucking hate Cal! Nah actually I love Cal. Cal is so cool that he won't even hang out with himself. It’s disappointing. Nah actually its impressive. He's never ridden a bike much other than as a commuter around town and he actually got after it on this trip. We took him down some serious trails and he handled it super well. I was impressed, but don’t tell him that because his head wouldn't fit in his helmet if he heard that. You went to quite a different type of Bali than you are used to. What surprised you the most about the areas you visited? The most surprising part of where we visited in Bali was the climate. The last thing you expect on a tropical island in the Indian Ocean are pine trees, and fog, and the requirement to wear pants, jackets and gloves. It was nice really. Out of everyone on the trip who would you let punch you in the face? Out of anyone of the group I’d let Cal punch me in the face. Because, he’d go to punch me but then realize that he’s over it. If you had to choose a song to listen to in your helmet whist riding those mountain roads, what would it be? Sweet Leaf - Black Sabbath because it gets me psyched! Where else in the World would you like to explore via motorcycle and why? I’d like to explore Europe via motorcycle. There is so much history there that I’d love to witness from the seat of a motorcycle. What did you like about your bike? I really loved the custom built metal fuel tank. It was built to go the distance but it also fit extremely well ergonomically. What did you not like about your bike? There’s nothing I didn't like, however, I think if Tom's headlights were mounted to my bike I’d like it just that much more.