April 03 2020 Friday at 09:02 AM

Quiver of new boards arrive at the Temple

After many an hour hidden away in the surfboard art bay, the Smokin' Skull has finished the ink on newest batch of Deus Custom's surfboards.This latest quiver of shred sticks have been shaped by Deus Shapers Chris Garret and Luke Studer. Fresh from the shaping bay they head on over to the Smokin' Skull for some good ol' fashioned resin tinting. Don't they just look delicious? With shapes like the 'Bat Tail' and the 'Rocket fish,' these boards are just oozing with that 'old school' style and creativity that came from times gone by, but ride with the functionality of now. Boards of all shapes, styles and colors are popping up in the Temple of Enthusiasm, from the 5'6 'Biscuit' to the 6'10 'Prophet' we gots em' under our roof. So if your looking for a ride that's a little different, come on down to the Temple to fondle these baby's first hand.