April 03 2020 Friday at 02:00 PM

Rally To the Peak

Down a long dusty dirt road deep into the Mojave desert appears a dry lake bed. It goes as far as the human eye can see, and is as smooth and flat as can be. Here the Deus film crew set up shop to create a new project, but one that you all are yet to see and so we will leave it at that. Because that is how THIS adventure began.

After a long, yet rewarding day of clicking off shutters and filling memory cards with the sight of the San Gorgonio Peak to the horizon the boys did as they do and got to thinking over a couple of beers. A plan was hatched to stay an extra day at the shoot site and the Deus film crew would ride their dirtbikes to the top! A quick scan of the maps, an adventurous spirit and tanks topped off with fuel they embarked from the desert valley with their sights on the peak known to most as Big Bear Mountain.

What started as a sandy wash in the desert low lands winds and twists up in elevation, the vegetation changing with every mile. Desert cactus turned into Joshua trees, joshua trees into pine trees. The temperature dropping as they entered the mountain air, cattle mosey about unphased by passing motorcyclists. Through the canyon and up the wash where it ends and turns into hard pack dirt weaving in and out of the trees all the way to the peak. Here, helmets come off high fives all around and of course three big motorcycle induced smiles.

Text by Forrest Minchinton

Photos by Harry Mark and Dustin Humphrey