April 03 2020 Friday at 09:40 AM

Reeled in a Big One at the 2nd Annual Bali Fish Fry.

Friday morning just past, we put the shout out for people to drag their; old & grouse, new and beut and pretty much what ever took their fancy when it came to favourite, wave riding machines to the grassy knoll above Tugu Beach Canggu.

We weren’t disappointed either they flocked and filled the front yard of Ibu Made’s little Warung there on the headland. We had an embarrassment of surfers, shapers and inquisitive. All mixing it up and pouring the tar like black Bali coffee down their throats.

Kia Ellis-Flint, who set the record for most different boards surfed at the Inaugural Bali Fish Fry last year, wasn’t about to let his title slip to upstart expat, Monroe. Hitting the water early they traded board for board and wave for wave heading for the elusive double digits. Most of us settled to indulge the whole process a little more holistically, if not more leisurely, an ambling pace of experimentation, surfing one perhaps two and wrapping those experiences around great conversation with an medley of folk from all corners of the globe. More interested in frolicking that finesse.

Bob McTavish came in around eight and after laying a gorgeous yellow Bluebird down in the long grass took the next twenty to examine the offerings. Bob’s truly someone who never tires of surfboard design nor of the unintended tidbit gleaned from someone else’s. Rich Pavel moseyed on through the brethren that were breakfasting, shedding light on fish and from whence they came.

Generation aware music caressed us and we side shifted to another time. Once bellies were full of pancakes, fresh fruit and bacon & eggs the expression session started. A bit of a lapping on the shore at first that moved pace quickly up to a crash until we had more polyester on water than out on the tall grass.

But that’s what it’s all about. Try something you’ve not before. Loggers on hulls, thruster people on fish. Midlengther’s going short on sub six foot singles. A day to take yourself out of comfort zone and plant it two feet apart on an unfamiliar waxed surface sliding along on shoulder to head height waves.

Not to put too fine a point on it, the day was bloody unreal and we can’t wait for number three.