April 03 2020 Friday at 06:03 AM

Reinventing the wheels

We have lost count of the number of SX225 rebuilds that have poured out of the Bengkel, partly due to the fact that we never set out to keep count and more importantly, we suck at math. The great thing though is not only are no two ever alike, they just keep getting better and better. The repetition of process is what drives the refining of the process and the latest offering is definitely a case in point. Lessons are learned on a daily basis if not on a bike basis and the answers are pooled and poured into the next machine to slide out of the oil soaked building at the back of the yard. Distinctions though not differences, this girl with its larger front suspension, borrowed from its burly younger brother, the Bison, garnished with an immaculate imported clear coated alloy tank has to be one of the most refined street tracker rebuilds we have done so far. No bells and whistles, just 110 percent understated class. With rumours abounding that Yamaha will cease production of the SX, it is definitely time to think about putting one under you. If your interested come check this baby out it's sitting down at the Temple just waiting to rev up your drool.