April 03 2020 Friday at 09:03 AM

Ryan Lovelace & Troy Mothershead

The Temple's modest shaping bay has been rather blessed during the past twelve months. A constant stream of talent, embodied in both technique and specialty, have served their residence within its foam covered baby blue walls.

The latest artisan to serve a term was Shaper/Surfer/Artist, Ryan Lovelace. He along with fellow Californian, Troy Mothershead, spent the better part of a month either in the Temples grounds or in the water down the road…Ryan shaped, Troy tested….a perfect partnership.

Ryan’s talent spread across craft of any size, from 5ft Greenough inspired Spoons to 8ft "V-Bowls" with a few 6ft-something "rabbits foot's" thrown in for good measure….there is definitely something for everybody within this eclectic quiver. Many have found new homes already, but there are still a few residing on the showroom floor, so if you are in the market, or even just in the area, come cop a feel…you'll like what you see.

With the new year comes a new lineup…Starting with the one and only Thomas Bexon in January and the amazing Neal Purchase in February…if that’s not something to keep an eye out for…I don't know what is!