April 03 2020 Friday at 08:02 AM

Salsa breaks in the finless

Chris Garrett is well known for his pretty left field approach to shaping boards. Subtle or some times not so subtle tweaks and twerks that add to performance and or handling are his M-O…however this time things went a little differently. After a mention in passing conversation, the seed idea of a finless board was planted in Salsas head…(that plus a lot of watching Derick Hynd on Youtube)…He took this seed to Chris in the shaping bay, and after some schematic planning on the bottom of a blank, the duo were full steam ahead on molding a somewhat experimental board that features some very defined structural elements. Almost a week later and after some understated changes from the original design, the first finless surfboard emerged from the foam craft factory that resides behind our courtyard. Salsa, who had been watching eagerly through the whole process snapped up the final product quick fast and headed high-side towards the ocean. A couple of feeler waves was all it took for him to lockdown somewhat of an understanding of his new ride, and after that a morning of slides and spins commenced. He defiantly drew some looks as the day progressed…but doing a 1440 along a wave will always bring that kind of attention. Not a bad session for the boards maiden voyage, cant wait to see what Salsa can do after a few more aqua hours under his belt!