April 03 2020 Friday at 11:40 AM

Slidetoberfest 2014: The Surf

Weh-he-hell… What a great time it was to be in Bali! The 4th annual Deus Slidetober Fest was held over the weekend in stellar style. At the festival locals, expats and tourists came together to celebrate the acts of sliding across water and riding through dirt. It was a celebration of surfboards and motorcycles for professionals and punters alike. Take everything you know about conventional surf and moto-x events and throw it out the window. The Slidetober Fest kept no mind for either of the sports’ preconceived ways of doing things.

The event kicked off in full swing on Friday night with Joe Lauder’s new art show, Spiritual Materialism. Joe is the man behind Satta, and his show was impressive. The Brixton bloke had been the artist in residence at Deus for a month in the lead up to the weekend.

Following a stroll through the gallery, the crowds witnessed an opening ceremony that saw traditional Balinese dancers in the Temple of Enthusiasm’s backyard. The “clack-clack” noise of the men’s chants echoed throughout a beautiful night in Canggu.

Saturday morning competitors and spectators crowded the Pererenan shoreline for Deus’ day of surfing. There was only one rule: surfers had to ride boards out of our own eclectic quiver. There was everything from a Rich Pavel ‘Speed Dialer’ to a Chris Garret modern quad. Fifteen minutes before each heat competitors would draw chopsticks numbered from one to four to see who had first choice of the boards. From there it was a free for all to see which surfer made the most of their ride… gentlemen’s rules of course.

Beach goers watched in wonder as Rizal Tandjung, Benji Weatherly and Marlon Gerber blew away the other surfers in what could only have been described as a Momentum Generation exclamation. Each of the three were able to bend their styles to different boards and tear their way along the Canggu River Mouth walls. In the first final that the two Indonesian legends had ever had together, Rizal was crowned the winner in front of his brother-in-law Marlon. Rizal rode a new Deus board in every heat. In his victory speech he included an incredible similarity between riding different boards and riding different broads. The fun was in finding out what works best, he said. Touché Rizal, touché.

Saturday night the event organisers surprised the festival’s crowd with the world premiere of Deus’ new travel film ‘North to Noosa.’ The film told the story of three friend’s journeys, as they made their way north along Australia’s East Coast on motorbikes. With surfboards strapped to makeshift racks, they stopped off at the most iconic surf/road trip destinations between Sydney and Noosa.