April 03 2020 Friday at 07:21 AM

Slidetober Saturday

Trussed up in bed on a Monday morning, lazy eyes peering out from under the rubble of what can only be called, a bloody good weekend. Closing them the mind drifts back over the bits and bobs that added up to create a whole heap of good times. The next couple of days will see us rake over the still hot coals and unearth a few of them for your blog viewing pleasure.

Let's start with Saturday. Day one of the Fest called Slidetober. As dusk descended our guests arrived for what would be a night in three parts. A collection of surf inspired photos and art. 6 different visions of what's what and not. The conversation, Bintangs and glasses of wine flowed. Always nice to see T-shirts traded for collars and bikini's for dresses. Mingling and musing. Laughter punctuated with colourful language. Love a good gallery opening.

Part two and everyone shuffled out to the yard, found a patch of grass and settled themselves in. The Deus bed sheet was strung along the front of the Verandah and after some introductions those in attendance were first witnesses to the world premier of Jack Coleman's new film, the Deus ex Machina co production, 'Temple'. For 30 minutes we were taken through a journey that covered Java, Lombok and Bali. Through Jack's eye we witnessing waves and walks of life. An amazing film and one that's set to do the rounds of the various Deus enclaves. keep an eye out.

There was a little housekeeping to get through, the running order for the next days surf event. The heats had been drawn and the field introduced. People peered at the list to find out times when they needed to be at the beach and with whom they'd compete. Without more ado the band came on and from sitting around we turned to rocking the ground. 'Burn the House' started belting them out. A free forming band that's run under a number of different monikers. Tonight they had a special guest guitarist, Surahn Sidhu. The place went a little wild but it wasn't a late one, we needed to keep it kinda contained. The water warriors amongst the bunch needed their wits and their strengths tomorrow, for the Surf event, Slidetober.