April 03 2020 Friday at 11:40 AM

Slidetoberfest 2014: The Dirt

Sunday morning the boards were swapped for bikes and the sound of two and four strokes reverberated throughout onlooker’s eardrums. It was race day! And what do you get when you throw a bunch of surfers out onto a moto-x track? Mayhem. Absolute mayhem! It was wonderful. Out of a field of over sixty riders, there were only around ten who’d ever spent real time riding on moto x tracks. The rest were normal guys and gals out to have some fun racing their friends. And fun they had. Fortunately, no one went home in an ambulance and the only significant injury came during the final of the open men’s division, in which bragging rights and egos were well and truly on the (start) line. The finalists hit brapped round the first berm but it was the first jump got the better of them. Mid air, two riders locked up and while one ended up on the dirt the other ended up in the drink… he completely sunk himself and his bike in a big ol’ puddle. A bit of wound cleaning and a couple of stitches later, the race restarted and rode from start to finish. Forty two year old Steve Titus from Laguna Beach, CA took first place. Way to show to groms how it’s Steve!

At the presentations Munro Montell took out the coveted all round winner’s trophy after good performances in the ocean and on the track. When all was said and done, the whole weekend was topped off with the kind of Sunday night party that the Temple of Enthusiasm is becoming so renowned for. It would be fair to say that most in attendance would have spent their Monday morning feeling a little under the weather, but we’re sure there were no regrets. The 4th annual Deus Slidetober Fest was one for the record books.