April 03 2020 Friday at 11:40 AM

Sorry, Not Sorry

Well, haven’t we been lagging? It feels like forever since our last blog post. The Deus Bali team has been out having a little too much fun these holidays…

First off was a trip to Java to visit our boys Deni, Husni and Giang. Zye and our famed photographer/barber Damea scooted over with Dustin and Kelana to score the first swell of the rainy season. Damea, who is known for his hi-fi shortboarding photography, loved the mellow vibe.

Next up was a weekend mission just a couple of hours up the coast from the Temple, where the boys surfed perfect, 150m long left handers all on their lonesome. While the goofy footers fell in love, the regular footers’ backside skills seemed as though they needed a bit of a polish up.

And then the big bang! Everyone made way to the western tip of Bali to race Motocross for the final races of 2014. The whole gang raced and jumped and hit berms. It was flat stick until Zye cased it on a double and ended up breaking his arm. He left the track in an ambulance, and then it was flat stick once more. The groms were killing it, all acting like adults while the adults acted like groms.

And the next week (while Zye was at home in Australia having his Doc insert a couple of nuts and bolts into his arm) the rest of us hit the road again. We head into the mountains and spent a couple of days riding ‘round our old favourite playing fields. The rain had packed the volcanic sand to make riding conditions the best we’ve ever had. So… with that said, we’re sorry but not sorry for not posting consistent blog posts, and we hope you’ve been having fun yourselves these holidays.

See ya in 2015, yeu!

Photos by @damea_dorsey_photo @kelibow @monty_in_the_wild