April 03 2020 Friday at 11:21 AM

Sunday Ride Part 1: The Matric Enduro Race

Last weekend was all about the bikes, with two rides going down on Sunday that couldn’t have been anymore different. One a fleet of classic motorcycles cruising the highways of Bali, the other dirt bikes tearing along trails of sand, mud and water. You’ll have to wait for part 2 to read about the Distinguished Gentlemen’s Ride, so let’s get stuck in to the Matric Enduro Race.

Four of the Canggu Scramblers joined the race organised by the Medewi Trail Riding Club, and just after the sun rose they were at the starting line on the beach. All sorts of different bikes arrived jostling for space, from crazy custom Enduro scooters to KTM Six Days’ and everything in between. But there was little time to check out everyones rides before the horn blew and the sand flew.

Saying it was a tough race doesn’t really do it justice. There were trails where if you came off you were up to your knees in mud. Narrow cliff climbs where going a few inches off could mean a bone crunching tumble. Broken bikes began littering the side of the track as the day went on, along with some of the riders, including one of our own.

Tapping the front brake at the wrong spot on this unforgiving track rewarded Dustin with a few cracked ribs and a severely bruised ego. Out of the race, an ambulance took him to get checked out, and the rest of the Deus boys had to go on without him.

Racing through creeks and jungle, keeping up with the leading quarter of the riders, things were looking good for the boys, and then for Zye they just got better. Making a run for the finish, he caught up with the front pack and cruised in with the top 6 to make his mark on the race.

Definitely one to remember for the Canggu Scramblers, one ending up in hospital and another throwing back a few beers with the winning riders. Hats off to you Zye, hope to see more of the same at Slidetober!