April 03 2020 Friday at 12:02 PM

Super OK, DTRA!

It is an established truth that the Dirt Track Riders Association (DTRA) championship series in the UK is Super OK! Deus has been a sponsor of the races for the past few seasons and recently we had a chance to be there to enjoy and participate in the Round 3 races at Eastbourne Speedway. And what a fun round it was...with a fair share of arse-over-elbow hair raising action! The good gentlemen from Co-Built, Geoff and Anthony, who help coordinate the race series, the were right generous and had bikes for us to turn left in different classes ranging from a 100cc minibike to a 600cc Rotax framer in the Thunderbike class. We weren't the only out-of-towners, the DTRA regularly draws a handful of racers from France and Belgium. Its always good fun to make new friends and race with mates who have often been in California and raced with us! Shop DTRA tees HERE Photos by Ian Roxburgh