April 03 2020 Friday at 02:20 PM

Surf Relik 2018

It was two days prior to the start date of the Trestles Surf Relik competition, and Harry was 2400 miles away being kept company by scorpions and rattle snakes in Southern Baja. Covered in dust, Harry rolled into San Clemente spending the day prior hanging with friends from all over the globe, brought together by the event. Morning of, it was all time Lowers and the first time since 2002 a long boarding competition had been held there. Taking out each heat through to the final, Harrison was put to surf against not only some of the best longoarders in the world but also some of his closests mates. Whilst the Raging Roach was released at night, this was followed by incredible surfing the morning after like only Harrison can pull off. He carried this through to win the final, with a wave in the last 30 seconds edging him over Alex Knost. 8 consecutive years of surfing hungover perfect right handers at the rivermouth in Bali for Deus' 9ft & Single sure proved to be the perfect training ground for an event like this. Evidently all those trips to Bali paid off. The points scored from winning this event landed Harrison equal first place with Chad Marshall as World 1 Classic Division Longboarder. Electing not to surf against each other for the title, Harry and Chad agreed to a shared title in true gentleman style. Congrats Harry, on a well deserved win. Images by Harry Mark Text by Max Seiersen