April 03 2020 Friday at 02:00 PM

Surf Swap 11

This year, The DEUS SURF SWAP 11 rolled over to the northern beaches and into the arms of The Newport.

Making your mark inside a venue as big as The Newport is no easy task, so the idea was for the Deus team to sprinkle a bit of salt in every corner of the venue.

The stage was set for a prosperous day … and what a day it was.

The morning was focused on the Wall Of Joy, a collection of vintage pre-90’s surf foam. Boards were brought from far and wide to be appraised by the likes of Monty and Matt Chojnacki. It was amazing to experience what looked to be a museum of vintage boards, lined up side by side and with decades of history between them all.

Like a war veteran, every board’s era, fin design and detailing of the spray told a story, and Monty told them like he had just pulled every board out of the trenches.

A few crowd favourites were the mint condition 1973 Hot Buttered Single Flyer Pin Tail, shaped by Terry Fitzgerald with artwork from Martin Worthington, as well as a 1977 Kerrawa Surfboard shaped by Erle Pederson Bonza Jet Bottom in sunburst yellow and red.

If the vintage Wall Of Joy was not your cup of tea, you could browse the Deus retail pop-up for the latest Deus summer apparel, pick up a LIMITED EDITION SURF SWAP 11 TEE or admire the elegant designs of the WAW Hand Plane pop-up.

Our in house shaper of the day was Thomas ‘The Doc’ Bexon. Thomas put on an absolute show in our beloved 20ft sea container, shaping up boards for a few lucky customers who pre-purchased these boards and watched them shaped in front of their eyes.

It was a sunny summers day, so you can’t blame the Deus ambassadors Harrison Roach, Zye Norris, Lewie Buddons and Matt Cuddihy for hanging out and sipping on one of many ‘Summer Raen Cocktails’ at the RAEN pop up cocktail bar.

A few cocktails and a bit of spring in everyone’s step it was time for live music and a dance.

Pat Capocci, Sammy Smith & Wild Honey graced the main stage and stole the show for the afternoon sundowners. By the time the crowd had danced their legs off in the afternoon sun, it was time to take a seat and settle in for the first Australian screening of “Blackboy – A portrait of Deni Firdaus” – the latest film from Deus Films. If you missed it at Surf Swap 11, take a peek here.

It was a perfect end to a prosperous afternoon.

Thank you to everyone involved and anyone brought boards out for everyone to take a look at. The DEUS SURF SWAP thrives on it’s unpredictability and diversity of what kind of boards will be on show, and this year certainly didn’t disappoint.

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