April 03 2020 Friday at 09:02 AM

Surfing a River

Our good friend Mikala Jones, just got back from a week long surf trip in China of all places.
He is a consummate traveller who is always looking for the next swell, this time on a river. He has become quite the photographer as well, so i always enjoy checking out his images after one of his missions. Anyways i'll let his words do the talking.
Here's a grip full of pictures from china. I had a blast, it was
like surfing a 20 mile race down a river four days in row. I'm sure if
you where to ride a tidal wave up a river this is what it would feel
and look like.We had a great crew, I was teamed up with best friend Jamie Sterling.
Endless Summer legend 'Wingnut' and Mary Osborne were the other
surfers. The City of Hangzhou Took really good care of us. I'm honored to
have been invited to take place in the silver dragon river festival.
Big aloha everyone that made this trip possible.Mj.