April 03 2020 Friday at 02:02 PM

The Tenement of Tenacity opened it’s doors

Deus has set up their tents in Biarritz, France; an ideal home for 'The Tenement of Tenacity‘. Located in the south west of France, its unique location is a favorite for surfers and bike lovers. In time for the area’s high season, @deustenement opened it’s doors to the public last week in true Deus fashion; –– local band lucky Music jamming along, Belharra beer being served at the Deus Café and a photography art show by one of Deus’ own, Anthony Dodds. Local cool cats and travellers gathered, inaugurating the new Temple with curiosity and big smiles. The celebration quickly turned into an official aperitif-party when people filled the street enjoying the warm sunset light hitting the building. Drinking the bar dry it was time to cool things down and enjoy the award winning film 'South to Sian', a movie by Dustin Humphrey, produced by Anthony Dodds, screened inside and leaving everybody thirsty for the ocean. Also for Anthony Dodds it was a first-time show in France, intrigued by the country’s own surf culture. His exhibition, set up in accordance with the tenement’s opening, is titled 'Archive‘. It is a personal collection, of iconic images all shot for Deus Ex Machina over the past six years. Each photograph paints a story for a symbolic occasion while exploring the Indonesian archipelago with his friends. These exclusive prints are for sale and will be hanging until 20 Juillet; supported by Leica France. It was a night that finally celebrated the hard work of the Deus team, turning a run down garage into a fine hang-out spot for everyone to enjoy the Deus lifestyle. We can’t wait to share the upcoming events that are planned for this summer. But even for the colder and cozy winter months, the temple will have much to offer. If you are in the neighbourhood, swing by ! Otherwise – See you later and Santé ! Photos and Words by Lenya Bass