April 03 2020 Friday at 07:41 AM

The Barefoot Executive gets a facelift

If you can remember back to our return from the 'Tracking' excursion a few months ago, you will recollect that we posted a bike named 'The Barefoot Executive." The week long overland trip was the first time the bike had seen tarmac, or lack there of in this situation…and the journey was used as a very thorough test ride.
When the bike came back we shot it as it rolled in…dirty and well used. Over the coming months, using experiences from the trip, the bike was tweaked here and there to refine the enduro-esque platform in which it was designed. Raking in the suspension a tad and re-jetting the carb were amongst some of the functionality changes…as well as a new tank for a cosmetic touch.Nothing major has been changed but its amazing to see what a little facelift can do for a bike. Oh yeah and good news…She's for sale! Come down to the Temple's Showroom to see her sitting in her new attire, begging for a test ride.