April 03 2020 Friday at 10:02 AM

The Canggu Scrambling Club Rides Again

After our first enduro adventure a buzz quickly spread through the Temple. In fact, we had so much fun it led to the inauguration of the Canggu Scrambling Club, and we welcomed a couple of new members to come join us for our second race. But we don’t let just anyone join up. Deus family member Jonas shed his threads and completed the naked scramble initiation to seal his place in this week’s race. Now a 6-rider squad, we’re on our way to becoming the biggest enduro geeks in the world. Sure, don’t have the all the best kit, but give us a break, we’ve only been around for a couple of weeks. Before getting on to how we coped in our second enduro outing, let’s name and shame our riders and their bikes.

First up is Sinyo ‘Grease Balls’ Ipunk sliding around on his ‘76 Honda GL 100, and Anom ‘the Babysitter’ Astrella keeping the kids entertained on his ‘78 Honda GL 100. Then we got David ‘Pretty Boy’ Schaap showing off to the girls on a ‘98 Suzuki TS 125 2 Stroke, Jonas ‘Fuzzy Nuts’ riding a 2010 Kawasaki KLX 150 with his pants on this time, and Anthony ‘Doodles’ Dodds trying to find the right line on a ’74 Yamaha DT 100 2 Stroke. Leading the pack, club captain Dustin ‘Bear Nuts’ Humphrey breaking balls on his 2012 Kawasaki KLX 150.

The night before the big race we loaded up the truck and set off for Karangasem, ready to race at first light the next morning. Waking up to amazing scenery, there was no time to soak it all in before the race. Gear on and straight to the start line, this race would be a true test of the steel of the Canggu Scrambling Club. Loose gravel tracks led on to lava rocks, dried out river beds, even bigger rocks, and super steep inclines. Half way through the course a burnt-out clutch took ‘Bear Nuts’ out of the race, and the team had to battle on without their captain. A 5 hour gruelling ride up muddy cliffs at the base of Mount Agung set the team up for the finale. The descent of a 85 degree slope through trees, rocks, bumps, and troughs, along a route never used in the race before. It was carnage, everyone wiped out, with riders, bikes, and helmets rolling off down the mountain.

We were the first to set off that day, and the last to cross the finish line, but the Canggu Scrambling club did it again. Damn did our bodies pay for it, but our willpower and teamwork conquered this extreme test of human endurance. Recovering back at the Temple, sore and tired, we were already talking about our next race.