April 03 2020 Friday at 11:20 AM


Well jeez… We’ve been a bit slow in getting to this one. The fourth annual 9 Foot and Single flew past like a like a firecracker on Chinese New Year. It was all bright, wild and crazy. You were losing if you didn’t walk away from its finale with a story to tell your grandkids. We had originally planned to cover the event at the Temple of Enthusiasm on our blog, in detail, but were pipped at the post by Surfline’s online magazine.

Having a feature ran on Surfline is something we could have only dreamt of a couple of years ago. The festivals humble vibe is gaining positive reactions. Check out Surfline’s story, it’s interesting to hear it from the mainstream, surf industry perspective.

All we really want to say from here in Bali is that a huge thankyou goes out to everyone that came and enjoyed our event, the fourth annual Deus 9 Foot and Single Log Fest was the best ever.