April 03 2020 Friday at 12:02 PM

The Deus 9' & Single Festival - Day 4

As the sun poked its head up on finals day at the 5th Annual Deus 9’ & Single Festival, it shone on the Pererenan River Mouth, in all of its glory. Gone were the winds, gone were the squalls and storm surf, and there instead were the perfect peeling rights that this wave in Canggu is so well known for. Excitement levels ran high as the first of the men’s semi finalists made their way into the water, the waves were well overhead and reeling. It was a fantastic day to hold a surf event. Surfers rode the waves right to the shore, some of them up and onto the sand as the crowd cheered on. The second semi ran its course and on to the final of the men’s division were Tyler Warren, Harrison Roach, Thomas Bexon and Zye Norris.

Next up came the fancy females, who by their own choosing opted for an hour-long session with all 8 trading off sets and sharing waves together. Once again this division proved to be one of the most exciting as we watched the women line up with the largest sets of the day. Undoubtedly the standout surfer was Leah Dawson, who’s surfing once again matched that of any competitor, man or women. Kassia’s eclectic group of stylists demonstrated a kind of grace that may only be achieved by the fairer sex.

Swimming into the line-up next were the swim-fin flapping Wompers, and 25 minutes of pumping surf later, the finalists had shown onlookers what’s possible at the River Mouth when the line-up is bodysurf friendly, crowd-wise. This event is forever proving itself as one of the most interesting on Deus’ calendar, as it shows off the wave riding talents of men and women without boards. Our only regret was missing friend and two-time winner (and up until this 3rd installment, the only winner) of the Deus Womp Comp, Tai Graham, who wasn’t able to join thanks to sickness. But not to worry, he’s ok and will be back for next year.

And onto the main event, the men’s 9’ & Single Longboard division… yeeww! What a cracker it was. Tyler, Harrison, Thomas and Zye hit the water in bombing and clean Pererenan River Mouth perfection. Never before considered a longboard wave, and rarely ridden by longboarders thanks to the small and competitive line-up, it was a pleasure to watch these four surfers show that heavy single fins aren’t limited to shoulder high surf. The final started with Harrison riding a bomb from out the back all the way onto the sand. Spectators cheered as he attempted to run off his board and up the beach before tripping and landing flat on his back. From then on it was 30 minutes of non-stop surf, with every competitor riding a handful of over-head waves. This event reached a new peak in 2015, and every single beachgoer was entertained with world-class longboarding of the like that has previously only been seen on film.

And so, with all said and done and the waves still pumping, we were gifted once again with the chance to run our 2nd Under 9’ & Single division. In this one surfers are able to ride anything under 9’ with a single fin. With the majority of the contestants opting for 70’s style shortboards. Thrown together in two piles of ten for a half hour each, it was more of an expression session than a contest, but waves were judged and finalists were made. In the last 30 minutes of the 5th Annual Deus 9’ & Single Festival, 8 single fin shortboarders traded off perfect waves. Each surfer rode a wave on one set alone… 8 waves for 8 surfers, we couldn’t have asked for more.

Fast-forward a very long and hot afternoon, with sunburn settling on many a shoulder and shnoz, and we found ourselves at the Temple of Enthusiasm for the most hectic night of the year. We’d tell you all about it, but other than watching Australian band Sons of the East play to a wild crowd, it’s quite hard to remember exactly what happened.

Results: 9’ & Single: 1st Harrison Roach, 2nd Tyler Warren, 3rd Thomas Bexon, 4th Zye Norris Womp Comp: 1st Harrison Roach, 2nd Luke Flanders, 3rd Fraser Biden, 4th Todd Geasland Under 9’ & Single: 1st Harrison Roach, 2nd Tyler Warren, 3rd Leah Dawson, 4th Matt Cuddihy Ladies Log: 1st Leah Dawson, 2nd Kassia Meador, 3rd Karina Rozunko, 4th Lola Mignot

A huge thankyou to the sponsors of the Deus 9’ & Single.

See the film from the event here.

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