April 03 2020 Friday at 08:03 AM

The Deus big day outing

Today we had another in a year's worth of inaugural events. This one was no more special than the others, because we think all of our events are amazing. However, this one was personnel. Pun intended. The first annual Deus Staff Outing. After a big year of firsts this was the one for the unsung heroes. The 80 plus employees from book-keeping to bengkel, gudung to gardening, cleaners and cooks, barmen and board makers. The people who's hard-work have helped build the company, in such a short time, into what it is. This morning just after the roosters had finished crowing we found ourselves piling onto a couple of coaches and headed up into the hills for a spot of team building. When you think about a day off work you think about sitting around with your feet up. Today was definitely not the case, man, we did a truck load; After playing a sort of an Indonesian version of Simon says, which saw, dancing, massages, singing and some innocent, yet slightly lurid gesturing. We divided into groups with the first order of business, to come up with a mantra, group call thingy. Laughter started to overtake us at this point and the day had only just started. We pitched into battle and had puzzles that perplexed us, catapults to construct and fire, balls being juggled by barmen and surf board makers, and some water trap game, which is still a little bit of a mystery, a lot of laughs, but I saw a lot of leaks. For those wanting some instant gratification, once the morning coffee wore off. You could don a helmet, shrug on a harness, climb a thirty metre tower and zipline three hundred metres across the width of the property. Boy that got the juices going. Our youngest member seemed to think that was awesome. You know what was really awesome? It was seeing people from different departments, who normally don't spend that much time together, working as a team, playing together, sitting around at lunchtime, some just chewing the fat. The Deus Family. Laughter and chatter were on high rotation throughout the day. Wasn't long before boys being boys they found some two and four wheel toys. ATV and Enduro fun ensued. Wheel stands across the paddock with Beng Bengs for the winners. Spills happened but nothing more than a smile was broken. The rain started to sprinkle just as we boarded the bus, most of us thinking we were heading for home. Only to be shanghaied and taken further up into the mountains, Bedugal markets, where we ate late afternoon snacks of sate and fresh strawberrys. The trip home on the bus was quieter than on the way up. There were still pockets of chatter but most opted to take the chance to doze. Tired from a big day out. Thinking it's safe to say that a great day was had by one and all. Big thanks go out to those who organised it and thanks to all the staff at Deus Bali, the one big Deus Family.