April 03 2020 Friday at 06:41 AM

The Deus Gallery presents 'Detritus' an exhibit by Mitchell English

The Deus Gallery is proud to host a new exhibit to feature upon its walls on the 4th of June. Australian artist 'Mitchell English' will be presenting his latest collection entitled 'Detritus' for the viewing public.
Mitchell English is an artist/surfer who resides on Sydney's far northern beaches. He has been painting professionally for over 20 years and has shown his works in Europe and Australia. His work encompasses surfing from both a cultural and historical standpoint. Usually concerning himself with surfings fringe elements and pop culture references.
His latest collection revolves around the flotsam and jetsam that washes up on our beaches. The things you unconsciously observe whistle walking down to the waters edge before paddling out….From drink cans to jellyfish.
'Detritus' will be opening on the night of Saturday, June 4th at 7pm. Bring the family down for some dinner, then stay for what is sure to be quite a night.
Call ahead for reservations - +62 361 368 3385