April 03 2020 Friday at 06:40 AM

The Deus 'Rocco'

The latest two wheeled machine to roll out of the workshop has been dubbed 'Rocco.' But to fully understand why, you have to know a little more about the owner, Roberto.
Roberto is a long time Expat resident of Bali, When hes not at work, you can find the stylish Italian in the water, nose riding at Tugu or other local breaks. He is the owner and director of the fashion brand 'Puva Vida' as well as starting up one of Bali's coolest vintage clothing stores/coffee bars 'Pres Ban.' Roberto grew up in the south of Italy and got his first taste of grease and engines from a shady looking mafioso mechanic that lived next door to him…That mechanics name was Rocco.
He came to us with the idea for a bike a few months ago. After owning and riding old BSA's and Suzuki two strokes for the last few years, he wanted to keep the look of a classic styled bike, but something that would start everyday without hassle. We were more than happy to accommodate him.
'Rocco' emerged from a 2011 Yamaha Scorpio, of which it still keeps the motor and a modified chassis. It's sporting a refurbished 1976 CB200 tank, along with custom side covers with a matching paint job. Roberto wanted a bit of a higher stance on the bike, so its received the front end from a GSX250 as well as a set of dual Icon shocks in the rear, which seem to fit him perfectly. for grip it sits on a pair of Firestone Non Skid tires, 19" in the front and 18" in the back to even things out nicely.
He left the Temple a happy customer, smiling ear to ear as he rode off beach bound. congrats Roberto, have fun!